How To Promote Your Music Effectively

How To Promote Your Music Effectively

Is your release day getting closer and closer?
If so, check out the following 5 steps to make sure your release will get the most exposure.
1. Make your music available across all platforms

Nowadays independent artists are making a very huge amount of money across major platforms, since it's easier than ever to find a good and reliable distributor for your music. 

Back in the days, an artist needed a record label in order to push his music, but times have changed in this digital age. Labels need us more than ever, now!

Be sure to use a reliable music distributor that is distributing your music across all major digital platforms. Our recommendation is Routenote.

2. Submit your music to Spotify
After you upload your music with Routenote, go ahead and verify your Spotify profile (if you did not do that already, what are you waiting for?).
When you get access to your Spotify profile, access their Spotify For Artists platform and make a submission in advance, for a playlist consideration.
PRO TIP: Make sure you select the desired release date, to be at least a month from the day you submit your music with Routenote.
3. Build hype on your social media
Make sure you make at least one post every 2-3 days regarding your new song.
It can be a picture or a small video snip of the track, maybe film yourself in the studio while working on the track and telling a bit about it's background?
Hype creates anticipation, and anticipation creates sales. And if you have some dedicated fans that will stream your track from day one, Spotify will notice that and they will hopefully add your track to one of their editorial playlists.
4. Create Facebook/Instagram/Google/Youtube ads
In the digital age, numbers are everything! And with the access to information that we have nowadays, it is easier than ever to break the charts if you dedicate your time to take some online marketing courses.
Google has a really great Digital Marketing course that you can take at anytime, and the best part of it, is that you will also get a certificate afterwards!
Like I previously mentioned, you need to build some hype around your release date, and it does not stop there.
5. Promote your release even after it's out
So your brand new track, that you are really proud of, is finally out? What do you do now? 
The plays, shares, tweets, new followers and new subscribers are not coming by themselves! If that would have been the case, we would have all played major festivals from the likes of EDC, Ultra or Tomorrowland.
If you successfully build hype prior to the release date, don't stop now! You need to continue promoting your work across social media.
Make sure that your friends are sharing your track, and there will be a chance that their friends will also share it, then their friends as well. Do you get it?
If so, never stop promoting your track.
I really hope this post motivated and inspired you a little bit more, to take your music career to the next level.
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