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  • The Best Techno Sample Packs In 2021 - 100% Royalty Free

    5 Best Techno Sample Packs in 2021 - 100% Royalty Free

    • Grinding Techno vol III
    • Acid Rave vol II
    • Five Zero Techno Bundle
    • Grinding Techno vol IV
    • Andromeda for Serum
  • Best Xfer Serum Presets

    While creating this sound bank from the ground up, our team of experienced sound designers prioritized versatility, and premium quality above everything else.
  • Upcoming Minimal Tech House Vol II

    Our upcoming Minimal Tech House Vol II supplies forward-thinking producers with an essential collection of fresh sounding and up-to-the-minute samples to inspire your latest dance music productions.
  • 2020's Best Free VST's For Music Producers

    What are the best VST Plugins in 2020? VST Plugins can be split into two main categories. VST Instruments and VST Effects. We will cover and list...
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    Getting your newly released song, on an editorial playlist on Spotify can make your career! Some of the biggest playlist editors at Spotify decided...
  • How To Promote Your Music Effectively

    Is your release day getting closer and closer? ‚Äé If so, check out the following 5 steps to make sure your release will get the most exposure. ‚Äé 1...
  • Best Distrokid Alternative In 2020

    In a world full of independent music producers, everyone needs a reliable music distributor that can deliver their music to every major platform a...