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Track Feedback

Track Feedback

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Imagine a world where your tracks glide through the ether, ready to dazzle any sound system they meet—clubs, cars, cans (headphones, that is).

If the thought of sending your musical babies off into the wild without a safety check makes you twitch, we've got your back. Our service is like a pre-flight check for your tunes.

Not sure if your track is ready for the big leagues, mixing, mastering, or just a sanity check? Let us be your musical sounding board!

We'll save you from the endless tweak spiral and get your tracks runway-ready, cutting down on the back-and-forth and getting you to the fun part faster.

This is for a single track only, you can purchase multiple if you want to send us more than one track. After purchasing this service, reply directly to the confirmation email.


  • Pinpoint feedback with time-stamps for precision tweaking.
  • Dive into the nitty-gritty of mixing, with insights on levels and balance.
  • Constructive critiques and pro tips for elevating your track.
  • A cheat sheet for declaring, "It's a wrap" on your track.
  • Insider advice on pre-master exports to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Personal growth checkpoints to level up your producer skills.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to share private Soundcloud links with downloads enabled and comments, allowing for a thorough dive into your tracks (importing it into our DAW to analyse it through properly).

We will add comments directly on Soundcloud with handy timestamps, so you know which parts to improve.

Just a heads-up, this special service is all about giving your single track the spotlight it deserves—mastering not included.

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Customer Reviews

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Kerim T.
Great service!

The team really helped me by providing detailed feedback about the mix, how some frequencies clashed and made a mess and how to fix them