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The Best Techno Sample Packs In 2024 - 100% Royalty Free

In order to create the next memorable Techno anthem, you will first need the right Sample Packs or Serum presets, in order to do so.

Or even consider using an Ableton Template that will give you a headstart that will keep you inspired for days.

How does "Techno" sound like?

The classic sound of Techno could be described as the combination of pounding 4-on-the-floor kick patterns, repetitive, eclectic and moody synths and continuous rolling bass lines. The genre originated in Detroit with various DJ's combining synth pop with house, electro and funk.

Nowadays Techno incorporates darker elements and is predominantly heard across European underground rave culture, especially in Germany, United Kingdom and Romania.

Wether you are a beginner producer who wants to learn how to make music, techno is a great choice since it's an incredibly fun genre of music to produce and it's fairly easy due to it's repetitive and simplistic style.

Even if you are a seasoned music producer and want to expand your knowledge and skills, techno would be a great choice for you.

Today we have compiled a list of 5 of the best 100% Royalty Free Techno Sample Packs that IQSounds has to offer right now, with many more to come.

5) Grinding Techno vol III

Our best sold to date brings 350+ special sounds to the table, that will make your productions stand out from the rest.

Grinding Techno III has your creativity in mind and is designed to get you making heavy beats and trippy rhythms in super quick time. This pack will open doors to all sorts of electronic genres and has a specific focus on Cosmic, Main Room and Industrial Techno.

Click this link to download Grinding Techno vol III.

This sample pack also features a special set of ‘Distortion Loops’ that are loops taken from outboard drum machines and run through some of the more aggressive settings on the Elektron Analog Heat.

4) Acid Rave vol II

If you are a fan of Construction Kits, or just want to dissect tracks in order to recreate or incorporate them into your productions, Acid Rave vol II is the perfect solution for you.

The pack covers everything from Acid and Melodic Techno all the way to Jackin' and Tech House. It's versatility will give you an advantage in your music productions, no matter the genre of music that you produce.

Click this link to download Acid Rave vol II.

The 6 construction kits included with this pack are 100% Royalty Free, giving you all the necessary tools for your next release. 

3) Five Zero Techno Bundle

One of the top bundles that we have is the Five Zero Techno Bundle, which featured 3 mini sample packs.

Consisting of 50 Premium Quality Analog Synth Sequences, 50 Bass Stabs (both dry and wet) and 50 Hard Hitting Kicks for all your Techno productions and not only.

Click this link to download Five Zero Techno Bundle.

Whether you make straight-up melodic techno, looking to get that old school Detroit sounds, trying your hand at dub techno or diving into deep minimal or even dark techno, this small but perfectly formed collection of bass stabs is worth checking out!

2) Grinding Techno vol IV

Coming in on the second spot is Grinding Techno IV, which is laden with ultra powerful Synth Hooks including Leads, Acid Lines, Arps and Sequences alongside high energy Drum Loops.

The deluxe edition includes MIDI files for Arps and Leads as well as two specially created Ableton Live Templates that showcase some of the best samples and demonstrate how these can be harnessed and manipulated so you can achieve your true sound. 

Click this link to download Grinding Techno vol IV.

Grinding Techno IV is perfect for all the harder styles of dance such as Hard Techno, Acid, Industrial, Rave, Hard Trance and even tougher styles of Dub Techno.

1) Andromeda for Serum

We present to you a techno sound pack with sonic perspectives from another Galaxy. This is Andromeda for Xfer Serum. The stunning and mind blowing pack features 125 masterfully crafted presets plus 49 associated MIDI files. 

Discover patches that use wavetables from Synths such as the Mini Moog, SH-01, SUB 37 and Juno 60 and also utilize Serum’s powerful modulating capabilities to create big analogue basses, huge main room leads, experimental sequences and deep, lush pads. Serum's stock wavetables and noise samples are also frequently used for hard hitting techno drums, intricate percussion and other worldly effects. 

Click this link to download Andromeda for Serum.

We have also gone above and beyond by creating 4 Ableton Live Templates that use ONLY sounds from Andromeda and serve as great demonstrations and starting points so you can understand and utilize the astonishing complexity of the awesome sounds in this groundbreaking and one of a kind pack.  

BONUS: Dark Hypnotic Techno Sample Pack

This pack includes over 1.3GB of samples, loops, midi files and constructions kits tailored towards the dark & hypnotic varieties of techno.

If you're a fan of the likes of Lewis Fautzi, Norbak and Moddullar, this pack is made for you. Think dark synth stabs and chords, anxiety-inducing lead lines, hypnotic, rumbling subs, and otherworldly FX.

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran of producing dark techno, this sample pack equips you with everything you need to get your creative juices flowing, allowing you to build compelling dark techno tracks that you've always wanted to make.

You can check it out on long time partner's website, at Producer Hive.

We hope that you will enjoy our recommendations and produce as many tracks as possible!

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