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Ableton Hacks vol II

Ableton Hacks vol II

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IQSounds presents Ableton Hacks vol II, an amazing library containing 25 Ableton audio effects racks for all your mixing and processing needs.

This library series is designed to give you a go to selection of every kind of processing effect rack that your music needs, in order to achieve with ease the professional sound that you want.

Take any dry instrument or sample and quickly shape it into a perfectly processed professional sound, cutting down on production time and focusing on your creativity flow and turn those magical sounds from your head into reality, with ease.

From Bass Enhancers, Chord Enhancers, creative delays and reverbs to stereo imaging audio effects, this pack has everything you need.

They are very easy to use, you just drag and drop them and you will hear the difference in sound immediately, as those presets enhance your sound dynamics and turning boring sounds into main stage ready productions.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Ableton Hacks series.

Here is a list of all the effects that are included in Ableton Hacks vol II, so you can get a general idea of what this pack is about.


  • Bass Enhancer 01
  • Bass Enhancer 02
  • Bass Enhancer 03
  • Bass Enhancer 04
  • Bass Enhancer 05
  • Bass Enhancer
  • Bass Sidechain
  • Best Delay Rack
  • Chords Enhancer 01
  • Chords Enhancer 02
  • Chords Enhancer 03
  • Chords Enhancer 04
  • Claps Enhancer
  • Cool Delay Rack
  • Cool Grainy Delay
  • Cool Stereo Imager (works for any synth)
  • Cool Vocal FX
  • Deep Bass Enhancer
  • Delay & Reverb
  • Drums Booster
  • Ethereal Delay Rack
  • Group Enhancer
  • High End Booster
  • Huge OTT Reverb
  • Make It Warmer

*Requires Ableton Live 11.0.12 or later.

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