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Ableton Mixing Template

Ableton Mixing Template

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We put together an Ableton template that will help you mix better your tracks/stems. It is aimed only for mixing, and it features many useful tools for basic track mixing.

No need to overcomplicate it, every group and individual channel will come with the tools that you need.

Everything is labeled, organized and named properly, in order for you to mix tracks on the fly.


  • One reference track (with external output, so it does not go through the master channel)
  • 5 Groups (Drums, Synths, Vocals, Bass and FX)
  • Each group features multiple audio tracks
  • All tracks feature an EQ, Saturator, Compressor, etc.
  • 7 send tracks for Short/Mid/Long Reverb, Delay, OTT, etc.

This template is exactly what professional mixing engineers use and it is what you need, to take your productions to a new level.

Is this template for producing, or just mixing?

Of course you can use this template for producing as well! Many people think sky is the only limit. Here at IQSounds we believe that is not true, and that Space is the ultimate frontier. (yes we are nerds, like every producer out there)

It is way more fun and easy to mix tracks, and not get lost in tweaking parameters on your synths. This way you put more attention into detail on your mixes, and polish them properly.

However, we recommend using this template mainly for mixing purposes only.

How do I use this template?

There are many scenarios where you could potentially use a template like this one.

We encourage you to export the stems from your project and import them into this mixing template, so it can make your CPU's life a bit more easier. 

There are various send effects where you can route individual channels to your taste, and to spice up your overall sound. Keep in mind that subtlety can have a better impact, and can go a long way.

The reference track is great in order to take inspiration from a professionally mixed track, in order to adjust your parameters and achieve the sound your tracks are meant to have.

*Requires Ableton 10.1.15 (or later)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jose David

Increible plantilla que te ahorra un monton de trabajo

Jurgen Dickhoff
To the point mixing template

Very well balanced mixing template, not over complicate , nice !!!

Steven C.
💯 recommend!!

Would 100% recommend this template to anyone, anytime

Stephan Benedict
A brilliant product as always

I have never been deceived from an IQ Sounds product, even if I'm quite difficult. I can always count on them to deliver! And this template is a life saver

Daniel U.
Simply the best

I have been looking for a toolkit such as this IQSounds Ableton Mixing Template, all the time! So glad I found them on Facebook :)