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Mercury for Serum

Mercury for Serum

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Mercury for Xfer Serum is an advanced library of presets designed especially for Hip Hop, Trap, RnB and even EDM.

Since we think that music is no longer represented by genres, we can not classify Mercury as a specific "go to" pack for a single genre of music.

While creating this sound bank from the ground up, our team of experienced sound designers prioritized versatility, and premium quality above everything else.

This resulted in 50 High Quality Serum patches which includes:

  • 5 Arps
  • 5 Basslines
  • 5 FX
  • 5 Keys
  • 10 Leads
  • 10 Pads
  • 10 Plucks

Whether you make Hip Hop, Trap, or EDM, Mercury has everything you need, in order to make a track from start to finish!

Our team of professional sound designers included everything from hard hitting bass lines, mellow plucks and all sounds in between.

    REQUIRES Serum 1.128 (or later)

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