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Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks vol I

Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks vol I

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Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks Vocal Sample Pack, is the essential collection for electronic music producers looking to add powerful and catchy vocals to their tracks.

With a vast selection of professionally recorded vocals including Hooks, Phrases, Long Phrases and even Vocal Glitches, this pack is perfect for a wide variety of electronic music genres, from Tech House, Minimal, House and Techno to EDM and beyond.

This sample pack is an expertly curated selection of over 170 vocal samples, including a full acapella as a bonus, all professionally recorded in a high-quality studio environment.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of soulful house to your production, or create a high-energy club banger, these samples will help you get there.

They are especially designed to be versatile and easy to use, with a wide range of key selections, so you can quickly and easily match them to your tracks. You will have plenty of options to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect vocal hook for your production.

Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks includes:

  • 75 Hooks (37 Dry & 38 Wet)
  • 60 Phrases (30 Dry & 30 Wet)
  • 16 Long Phrases (8 Dry & 8 Wet)
  • 16 Dank Vocals
  • 10 Vocal Glitches
  • 1 Full Acapella
  • 1 Construction Kit

The Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks sample pack also includes a range of bonus materials, including a full song acapella as well as a bonus construction kit, all designed to help you create the perfect banger.

One more hidden bonus that you can find is inside the "Dank Vocals" folder which is a full representation of our vibe in the studio, which is a completely relaxed environment and we wanted to take you on this fun journey with us as well.

All of the samples in this pack are 100% Royalty-Free, so you can use them in your own productions without any restrictions. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, the Ultimate House Vocals & Hooks sample pack is an essential tool for any electronic music producer looking to add powerful and catchy vocal hooks to their tracks.

Additional Features:

  • Instant Download
  • Key & BPM labeled
  • 44.1 kHz 24-Bit WAV Format
  • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • Works with any DAW (incl. FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reason, etc.)
  • 100% Royalty-Free (if you make a hit, you don't have to owe as anything)
  • 729 MB total content size (unzipped)
  • 530 MB download sizet (zipped)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice vocals

High quality vocals, top!

Ethan Young-Smith

I decided that it was time to go to another source of vocals than Splice because I have ran through most of those vocals but none were hitting the way that I wanted them to. This pack had great high-quality vocals and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Stay tuned for some new HYPERNGHT tunes ;)