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DRIFT vol I - Melodic Techno Serum Presets Pack

DRIFT vol I - Melodic Techno Serum Presets Pack

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Elevate your melodic techno productions with Drift Vol I, a meticulously crafted Serum presets pack designed to inspire and enhance your sound. Whether you're producing for the club or crafting the next big hit, Drift Vol I provides the essential sounds to take your tracks to the next level.

What's Inside Drift Vol I:

  • 30 BASS Presets: Deep, driving basses that form the foundation of your track, from subby depths to mid-range growls.
  • 30 LEADS Presets: Expressive leads that cut through the mix, perfect for creating memorable melodies and hooks.
  • 20 PLUCKS Presets: Versatile plucks that add rhythm and texture, ideal for arpeggios and intricate sequences.
  • 20 SYNTHS Presets: Rich, evolving synths that provide lush pads and atmospheres to fill out your sonic landscape.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Sounds: Each preset is crafted with precision to ensure the highest quality and usability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various sub-genres of melodic techno, including progressive house, deep house, and more.
  • Ease of Use: Organized and categorized for quick access, making your production process smooth and efficient.
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with Xfer Records Serum, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Exclusive Bonus: Free Drum Loops and One Shots Sample Pack

For a limited time, get an exclusive drum loops and one shots sample pack valued at $20 absolutely FREE with your purchase of Drift Vol I.

  • Drum Loops:

    • 10 Clap Loops
    • 10 Hat Loops
    • 10 Kick Loops
    • 20 Percussion Loops
  • One Shots:

    • 10 Clap One Shots
    • 17 Hat One Shots
    • 10 Kick One Shots
    • 20 Percussion One Shots

Why Choose Drift Vol I?

  • Inspiration at Your Fingertips: With 100 expertly designed presets, you’ll find endless inspiration to create your next track.
  • Professional Sound: Designed by experienced producers, each sound is ready for the dancefloor.
  • Creative Freedom: From dark and brooding to bright and uplifting, these presets cover a wide sonic palette, giving you the creative freedom to express your unique sound.
  • Incredible Value: The addition of the free drum loops and one shots pack enhances the value of this already essential collection.

Perfect For:

  • Melodic Techno Producers: Tailored specifically for the melodic techno genre, these presets will fit perfectly into your tracks.
  • Music Producers: From beginners to professionals, Drift Vol I offers sounds that will enhance any producer’s toolkit.
  • Sound Designers: A valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their library of high-quality Serum presets.

Unlock the potential of your music with Drift Vol I. Elevate your melodic techno productions and stand out from the crowd with this essential Serum presets pack.

Note: This product requires Xfer Records Serum version 1.213 or higher.

Ready to transform your sound? Get Drift Vol I now and start creating tomorrow's anthems today! Plus, enjoy the added bonus of a premium drum loops and one shots sample pack, absolutely free!

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